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    Inland marine insurance indemnifies loss to moving or movable property and is an outgrowth of ocean marine insurance Historically, ocean marine insurance held the transporter responsible for property loss before, during, and after the completion of the voyage. In the 1800s the non-ocean portion of the journey grew as cargoes were transferred to non-ocean vessels (such as barges) and the term "inland marine" was coined.

    Inland marine policies became known as "floaters" since the property to which coverage was originally extended was essentially "floating." The coverage has grown to include property that just involves an element of transportation.



    Radio, Television broadcasters and Cable T.V.

    Application Cable Supplemental

    Operations have unique property coverage needs for their specialized industry. We’ve designed coverage that responds to those needs:


    •We schedule a specific amount of insurance for each tower and its antenna. This
    allows you to periodically review values on these critical components to keep pace with inflation.

    •One blanket limit applies to all the other radio and TV communications
    equipment, making it easier for you to select the right amount of insurance.

    No Coinsurance in the Coverage form

    That’s right, you don’t have to worry about being penalized on partial losses
    because inflation has increased values.

    Business Income & Extra Expense (Optional Coverage)

    •We cover not only time element losses that arise from a covered cause of loss to
    your broadcasting real, personal property and your premises, but also we can
    cover your business income and extra expense losses arising from covered causes
    of loss to public utilities or network affiliation properties.

    (Off premises Power & Communications Endorsement.)

    •If the station suffers a covered Business Income loss caused by the interruption of
    broadcasting, we also cover the reduction in income due to lower, published
    audience ratings.

    •Our policy provides coverage for lost income for an additional 90 days beyond
    the period of restoration. This gives you a better chance to get back to full



    Builder’s Risk Plus ®

    Application Supplemental

    Who and what are eligible?

    •Construction Project Owners and General Building Contractors are eligible

    •Building materials that will become part of the completed structure

    •Temporary structures, forms, scaffolding and falsework

    •Single projects or multiple projects on a reporting basis

    •Contingent Coverage is available to upgrade your protection, if others are
    responsible for arranging insurance for loss to the project property

    Why do I need Builders Risk Plus Coverage?

    Standard Property Insurance forms were not designed for construction projects.
    For example, the Builders Risk Plus Coverage Form can provide coverage:

    •For loss to excavations, foundations, underground, false work, forms &
    scaffolding, temporary structures, etc.;

    •To protect the interest of all parties required by the construction contract;

    •For loss to property at temporary locations and in transit;

    •With an additional amount of insurance for Change Orders;

    •For additional loss due to inflation in construction costs;

    •For additional causes of loss, often required by the construction contract,
    such as:

    • Coverage for loss that results from faulty workmanship and design

    • Collapse loss coverage broader than “specified causes” of loss;

    • Optional Earthquake & Flood coverages;

    • Optional Equipment Breakdown (B&M) Coverage.

    What are the advantages?

    You are better protected against financial loss by a Builders Risk Plus policy.

    • Unlike covering the project under a property insurance policy, the project
    insurance limits can’t be exhausted, or a coinsurance penalty incurred, due to
    insufficient limits on non-project property;

    • Covered Property is the actual project property that requires coverage;

    • You can choose optional coverages to tailor your projects protection;

    • Create cost-effective coverage that anticipates changes



    Motor Truck Cargo (Carriers Liability)

    Application Motor Equipment Supplemental

    Who is eligible?

    Motor carriers who have accepted property of others for transportation, under a contract or a tariff & bill of lading are eligible. Legal liability coverage for cargo loss can be provided for a flat annual premium or on a reporting basis
    Separately, we can provide coverage for Transportation Brokers Liability or Freight
    Forwarders Liability (including contingent cargo liability coverage).

    Why do I need Carriers Liability for Cargo coverage?

    • To protect you against financial loss, if you are liable for a cargo loss;

    • To obtain filings to satisfy U.S. Dept. of Transportation and/or state regulator

    • To reassure your customers that you have proper insurance.
    What are the advantages?

    • Satisfy customers (and regulators) that you are insured by a strong insurance
    company with 130 years experience and a specialized claims operation (with a 24
    hour claims hotline).

    • Get financial protection against cargo loss that could cost you your business.

    Your operation can be protected against other financial losses.

    For example:
    Great American’s Motor Truck Cargo Liability Coverage Form
    automatically includes:

    • Reloading expense up to $5,000, when your vehicle is in an

    • Earned Freight up to $2,500 that’s uncollectible due to the loss

    • The cost of removal of debris of covered cargo up to $5,000;
    For additional premium, you can insure your liability for:

    • Spoilage and Freezing losses;

    • Non-owned Container and Trailer Interchange losses;

    • Livestock downgrading losses
    And, also, insure against direct physical loss to Cargo that you own.


    Contractor’s Equipment Coverage

    Application Supplemental

    Our Policy Covers…
    The insured’s equipment and tools under your choice of two coverage forms:

    • Scheduled Form – all items are scheduled under the policy

    • Automatic Acquisition Form – covers equipment itemized on the schedule and
    automatically covers equipment acquired during the policy term (subject to a
    maximum limit per item). This reduces the chance of uninsured loss on newly
    acquired equipment.

    • Additional Coverages include Debris Removal, Pollutant Cleanup, Fire
    Department Service charge, and Crime Reward.
    Valuation Options…

    You choose the valuation option that best fits your needs:

    • Actual Cash Value- standard valuation, deducts for depreciation, wear etc.

    • Stated Amount – pays the “valued” amount in the event of a total loss to the item

    • Replacement Cost – pays the cost to replace items under 10 years old without
    deduction for depreciation

    • Partial Loss – Elimination of Deduction for Depreciation – no deduction for
    depreciation when the loss is less than 20%, for items under 10 years old
    Optional Coverages

    • Equipment Leased or Rented from Others – Today contractors are more heavily
    relying on rented equipment to satisfy special functional or geographic needs. We
    can cover these items and you pay only when there is actual exposure. No
    coinsurance applies.

    • Lift Exceeding Capacity Coverage – extends policy to include loss when the
    weight of the load exceeds the lifting capacity of the equipment

    • Contractor’s Equipment Plus Endorsement adds 7 additional coverages.
    Coverage Advantages over many competitors’ forms…

    • Our Automatic Acquisition Form has no coinsurance applicable to newly acquired
    equipment. Most blanket coverage forms are subject to a coinsurance penalty
    when the blanket limit is exceeded.

    • Booms are not excluded property

    • Flood and Earthquake are not excluded in the form



    Business Electronic Systems & Telecommunications Insurance

    Application Supplemental

    What is eligible?

    This coverage form is especially designed for:

    • Electronic Data Processing (IT) equipment

    • Programs, Data & Media

    • Extra Expense Loss & automatic extinguishing system recharge
    Why do you need this coverage?
    To protect against losses not covered by most property insurance policies:
    For example loss caused by:

    • Short circuit, magnetic disturbance or breakdown

    • Employee vandalism

    • Temperature and humidity

    • Computer virus

    • False pretense, trickery, voluntary parting with property

    • Flood (optional)

    • Earthquake (optional)
    What are the benefits?
    Provides loss recovery on a more favorable basis:

    • Replacement with more modern equipment

    • Avoid Coinsurance penalties

    • Cover newly acquired equipment

    • Worldwide coverage on laptops, PDAs & hand held PCs


    Medical Diagnostic Equipment Coverage

    Application Supplemental

    We designed a coverage form specifically to address the exposures and related insurance needs of mobile or fixed medical diagnostic equipment.

    What’s Eligible
    Owned or leased medical diagnostic equipment located in hospitals, clinics etc. or in
    mobile units.

    This includes equipment such as CAT and PET scanners, MRI equipment, X Ray,
    nuclear magnetic resonance, kidney stone lithotripters, endoscopes and many more.
    Coverage Features
    Your unique coverage needs may not be met by a typical Package Property Form.

    We offer not only:

    • Broad risks of direct physical loss covering fire, windstorm, theft, leaking pipes,
    collision, vandalism, and “anything not excluded”.

    But also:

    • Newly acquired equipment is automatically covered for the first 60 days
    for up to 25% of the highest scheduled item (maximum $250,000).

    • Employee vandalism or sabotage is covered because this very expensive
    equipment could be a target.

    • Extra expenses to continue operations following a loss are automatically
    covered for up to $10,000

    • Equipment losses are paid at their full repair or replacement cost, with the
    exception of losses to vacuum and gas tubes

    • Expenses to recharge fire protection equipment when the discharge is the
    result of a covered cause of loss are automatically provided up to $10,000.
    Optional Coverages

    • Earthquake

    • Flood

    • Off-premises power interruption due to a covered cause of loss

    • Business Income – which can be critical for health care facilities


    Miscellaneous Floater Policies

    Application Supplemental

    Items on the go, need insurance protection that goes right with them.

    What’s Eligible
    Athletic Equipment Band Uniforms Business Machines
    Caterer’s Equipment Exhibitions Fire Department Eqpt
    Flags & Banners Golf Carts Lawn Maintenance Eqpt
    Lodge paraphernalia Morticians Eqpt Salesperson’s samples
    Scientific instruments Tools Vending Machines
    Most anything that is mobile qualifies.
    Coverage Features

    • Insurance protection wherever the property is located within the USA (excluding
    Alaska) and Canada

    • Broad risks of direct physical loss covering fire, windstorm, theft, collision,
    vandalism, and “anything not excluded”.

    • Flood and earthquake can be added by endorsement

    • An 80% coinsurance applies



    Transportation Insurance

    Application Supplemental

    Who? What? When?

    Who’s Covered?

    Shippers of goods.

    What’s Covered?
    Personal property described in the Declarations (incoming or outgoing shipments)

    When is it Covered?

    While in the custody of motor, rail, or air carriers AND In transit on the insured’s own vehicles

    Coverage Extensions

    • Loss during loading or unloading of insured’s vehicles

    • Debris removal up to 10% of the limit not exceeding $5,000

    • Reloading expense up to $5,000
    Optional Coverages
    Spoilage or Freezing caused by breakdown of refrigeration or heating equipment
    Temporary storage
    Coverage advantages over many competitor’s forms

    • No coinsurance penalty

    • Dishonest acts of carriers is not excluded

    • No exclusion for breakage of fragile articles

    • Voluntary parting with property is not excluded

    • No exclusion for fraud, trick or device
    Money Savings Transportation insurance allows the shipper insured to take advantage of lower freight rates by accepting released bills of lading, but still enjoy full invoice value protection