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D & O Insurance

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The Court System is being bogged down in record numbers with lawsuits regarding wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination based on sex, age race or age.

In most cases if a settlement is agreed upon the defense cost is five times higher than what was paid for the settlement, can your organization afford that?

Are you worried about your organization being indicted because of antitrust, fraud, tax issues or civil rights?

Are you worried about the Actions occurred by a employee that can cost you your financial livelihood?

Are you willing to put your personal assets including your spouse’s assets
on the line for an employee  ?

Is your nonprofit organization prepared to handle unforeseen lawsuits?

Does your organization receive funding or monies from the government?

Do you what to help your community but are afraid of being caught in the middle of a frivolous lawsuit?

Before you serve on any board make sure that the organization purchase D & O Insurance.

D & O Insurance protects the directors /officers of the board for nonprofit organizations.

D& O Insurance can help offset some court costs.

Lawsuits can be dragged on for years but your bank account cant.

D & O insurance can protect the personal assets of directors and officers from financial loss in the event of a claim.

D&O also provides coverage to protect your organization

Many directors /officers are now requiring organizations to purchase this coverage before they sit on the board
Many myths are associated with D& O, like it is too expensive

Fact D & O for non-profit organizations is affordable and if you factor in the cost occurred by defense costs to your first visit with an attorney it probably has already paid for it’s self.

Protect yourself from unknown exposures and secure your organizations future.

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