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Washington Contractors License Bond

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To become a Washington Contractor there are a few requirements that must be met before the State will grant you your license. One of the requirements is for you to obtain a license bond not to be confused with a payment and performance bond.

Washington has a General Contractor License and a Specialty Contractor License. The General Contractor License gives you the ability to perform or supervise numerous building trades or crafts. The surety bond requirement for this is a $12,000 General Contractor License Bond.

The other Washington Contractor License Bond requirement is for a Specialty Contractor License. This license is for a Contractor who can perform one building trade or craft. The Washington Specialty Contractor License Bond is a $6,000 bond. Both Specialty Contractor Bonds and General Contractor Bonds must file their Surety Bonds with the Department of labor and industries which is the obligee.

We have a wide range of surety markets that can write Contractor License Bonds at preferred rates as long as the contractor can meet the surety company’s requirements. We also have several Surety markets that will entertain Surety bonds even if the contractor has less than preferred credit, lack of business financials or negative business equity.

Losing money because you are having trouble obtaining a bonding line? We can offer payment and performance bonds for contractors in the state of Washington. For fortune 500 companies to start up companies stop losing jobs and money because you have not had a bonding line setup call today.

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